Maturity Assessment

TOICA has been created to allow all stakeholders to progress in research: the key TOICA results are based on the integration and validation of the various capabilities and technologies at aircraft level.

For this reason, the maturity of project results was continuously assessed throughout the project thanks to a TRL assessment methodology which reduces the risks for the deployment and exploitation of project results.

Considering the various capabilities to be developed, the targeted maturities were mainly in the range of TRL3 – TRL5.

TOICA target


The TOICA milestones are aligned with both the TRL strategy of the project and the plateau organisation. All the activities occurring during plateaus and gathering architects, experts and suppliers supported the maturity assessment and the generation of the evidence for the targeted TRL.

Delivering the TOICA Thermal Trade-Off Capabilities assessed at TRL4 was a key milestone for the end of the project. The final plateaus enabled all plateau teams to improve the performance of the various capabilities involved in the trade-off scenarios and the overall engineering and operational maturity in program-like conditions. They brought the expected evidence to support the final TRL4 review held just after the last plateau.