TOICA Project Video "V3 01-08-16"

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This video presents the final results of the FP7 TOICA (Thermal Overall Integrated Concept Aircraft) project. TOICA, which ran from Sept. 2013 to Sept. 2016 aimed to radically change the way thermal studies are performed and to enable aircraft architects and experts to better manage thermal impacts on systems, components and on the overall aircraft architecture.This video includes interviews with members of the TOICA Consortium.

New cooling technologies developed in TOICA.

This shows the MoSSEC exchanges between an Architect using 3DExperience and a Thermal Analyst using TeamCenter.

MoSSEC and Architect's Cockpit

TOICA Airbus Public Video "M3 MSP6"

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MoSSEC Model Mover

Airbus NSR, Architect’s cockpit, Manage integrated Aircraft Architecture using RFLP in 3DExperience

Airbus NSR, Architect’s cockpit, Visualisation of thermal study KPIs over the DMU in 3DExperience


Airbus NSR, Architect’s cockpit, Use of 3DDashboards to review trade-off study in 3DExperience

Axisymmetric Finite Element Models from 3D CAD